Mountain Hamlet’s Paradise

Mountain Hamlet's paradise
Mountain Hamlet's paradise of Lansdowne in the Garhwal region is unspoiled and for the most picturesque views of the Garhwal region. Located on the outskirts of Villages of Lansdowne, it falls on your way to Pauri and is about 5 hours away from Delhi by road and approximately 225 KMs
Situated amidst absolute natural bliss, Mountain Hamlet's Paradise, the little Himalayan town is all that you need for a great vacation of rejuvenation. Sitting at an altitude of 5980 ft., this is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. Pilgrimage tourism thriving, Mountain Hamlet's Paradise is solitude at its best and is surrounded by greenery. While the place is gaining popularity as the resting pit-stop for tourists visiting Lansdowne, I would strongly urge you to head to this sleepy town for an experience like none other. Also, some of the resorts in the region will provide you with meditation and yoga therapies.

There is too much to say about this little unknown Mountain hamlet of Uttarakhand.
With dense forests, synonymous with this Uttarakhand region and chirping birds all around the serenity will create a memory to last a lifetime. Also, when you’re one with nature, you must trek into the wild and experience Hamlets paradise as a true paradise for trekkers. Many of the trekking trails will take you through experiences of beautiful and hidden waterfalls, gushing river streams, and sights of hills wrapped in pine and oak trees.
Hamlets Paradise is your go-to place if you’re a nature junkie as this place encourages eco-tourism, helping you learn about the rustic way of life along with the customs of the place.
This quote sums up our intent in conceptualizing Hamlet’s Paradise. Hamlets Paradise is a community where the residents would voluntarily slow down, start noticing and enjoy the finer things in life. Set in the middle of a forest, with accessibility to civilization- A place that is living, breathing, honors nature, honors people, art, and beauty. Simple yet cozy and comfortable cottages, micro-farm for your organic produce, a well-stocked library, and a community center full of music, laughter, coffee, and conversations. All this is set in amidst a beautiful natural setting with panoramic views.
Mountain Hamlet’s paradise is an Eco-Village in the hills for people who value community living in a healthy natural setting. The core idea behind the Mountain Hamlets Eco-Village is for people to come together and be a part of a lifestyle that is healthier and fulfilling and gives back to the community. This Nature-based Eco-Village is set in a collaborative environment, with a set of like-minded people who share a common vision of being Ecologically, Socially, Culturally, and Economically sustainable.


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Client testimonial

Vivek Raina

At the top of mountains around 45 minutes drive from Kotdwar this is an beautiful place with great scenic view. beautiful sunrise, nice weather and positive environment. Highly recommended.

Amit Dewan

I went to this place, it often acquires dreamy floating in the clouds view. must visit place,if you want a break from ur hectic city life.


I lost my heart with beautiful sunset view and ordered my small Hamlet Home on same place its a place where anyone can spend whole life.

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